Why there is a gap in my Header Image (MUSA, Deja Vu, Babel, Society)?

Weebly Image Perfect Editor will crop your header image. Some times this will create a gap at the bottom of the landing page image/ Tall header Image/ Short Header Image in full width header image templates like Musa, Deja Vu and Babel.

There is a trick to upload your image to create a longer header image so you will not see a gap.

Step1: Resize Your Browser Window

If you have a widescreen monitor you will be more prone to Weebly image perfect editor cropping your header image. Before uploading any header image, re-size your browser window to a square shape like the screenshot on the right.


Step2: Upload Your Image

Keep the browser window in a square shape and upload your header image. The part of the image that land with in the non shaded area will appear in the header. Please note depending on the screen monitor, the bottom part of the image may be shown in full. This is because the full screen header will re-size according to the monitor size. The width will re-size accord to the width of the monitor while the height of the image will re-size proportionately to the width. This will prevent the image from distorting. As such, depending on the size of the viewing monitor, the full height of the image may not be shown.


Step3: Save & Exit

Once you are happy with your image, you can save your header image.

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