Why is my footer no show up in mobile mode

All DivTag themes have 2 footer, one is DivTag’s drag & drop footer and one is Weebly’s footer.

DivTag’s drag & drop footer is the default footer. It allow you to have a drag & drop footer regardless if you are using a paid Weebly account or a Free Weebly account. When you set your site to “mobile optimize”, which uses a mobile theme, Weebly take out all content except for the main content area. This mean any feature area, DivTag footer area, sidebar area, plgina nd etc.

To get the footer to show in mobile you have 2 choices:

Option 1: Turn off Mobile Optimization

Turn OFF the mobile optimization mode for design reasons – http://divtagtemplates.com/weebly-mobile-optimization/. If you really prefer to use mobile optimization, the critical part that you want to focus on is your content in the main body area. We’ve always felt that when compressing so much information into a tiny screen, we just don’t have that much patience to look at every single little picture, but rather, we want to get to the main content (at least that’s how we feel anyway).

Option 2: Turn on Weebly Footer – ONLY FOR PAID ACCOUNTS

If you are using a PAID Weebly account, you can choose to turn on your Weebly footer. You can follow this tutorial to turn on your Weebly footer: http://divtagtutorials.com/how-to-turn-on-weebly-footer-for-pro-starter-plan-users/