Why is there white gap in my background image on Quiver

When you upload a background image, Weebly crops the image according to the size and shape of your browser. The white gap you are seeing is part of your background image. This usually happens if the you have a lot of content before you upload your background. It create a stretched content area, which requires a larger image to cover. Since the image uploader crop to the size of your monitor, you can’t see the white gap when you are uploading your background image. We usually recommend to upload your background image with no content in it. This will prevent the content area being stretch by the editor and prevent white gaps appearing in the background image. The easiest way for you to upload a background without white gap is.

If you have white gap at the TOP of the page

This happens if you don’t have your page scroll all the way to to TOP. So when you insert your image, there is a gap at the top. Here is what you should do

  1. Click into edit to edit your background
  2. If you have a mousewheel, scroll to the top of the page. If you don’t have a mousewheel, use the SCROLLBAR to move the page to the very top
  3. Reposition your image so there is no white background showing
  4. Save your change and republish your site


If you have white gap at the bottom or side of the page

This happens when you have a lot of content. It is best to upload your background BEFORE inserting any content.

  1. Create a new page and upload the background image when there are no content
  2. Use the “move” option to move your content from “accommodation” to the new page.
  3. Delete the old “accommodation” page and use the new page in its place
  4. Re-publish your site