Why is my theme not showing up in mobile smart phone?

How the mobile optimization works is it takes the Weebly elements in the drag & drop content area (in the main body of your website) and automatically re-organizes them in a mobile format (basically compresses them into a single vertical column).

 Some of our advanced features, such as splash pages, header plugins, drag and drop header, video landing page, add a lot of more functionality to Weebly websites, that is not offered by standard free Weebly themes.  Due the fact that these add-on’s are not native to Weebly, the mobile optimization mode does not recognize them properly at the moment.  So if you choose the mobile optimization mode, Weebly does not take these advanced features that is outside of the main body area and convert them into mobile.
Weebly has yet to open up its mobile system, as such, as much as we want to have our advanced features display in an optimized manner, we just don’t have access to this quite yet.    We’re hoping to be able to adapt these advanced features to Weebly mobile in the near future, once Weebly allows more flexibility and access to their mobile platform.
In spite of this, the advanced features still work perfectly on the desktop and tablet (such as iPad) versions of the website.  Weebly just won’t automatically incorporate them in the mobile optimized version of the website (not yet anyway).
If you really prefer to use mobile optimization, the critical part that you want to focus on is your content in the main body area.  We’ve always felt that when compressing so much information into a tiny screen, we just don’t have that much patience to look at every single little picture, but rather, we want to get to the main content (at least that’s how we feel anyway).
How to turn off Mobile View



Re-publish your site for the change to take effect