Why is my fixed background cut off? How do I re-size it?

If you have a DivTag template that has the fixed background feature, the background will automatically re-size to fit any computer monitor screen size. To keep the background looking perfect, the width and height will re-size proportionately.

When a background image is cut off, this mean the image height is not tall enough to cover the computer monitor screen.

There are two types of computer screens / monitors: (i) Widescreen and (ii) Standard Screen. Most computer screen nowadays are Widescreen. Depending on whether you want to cater your website to Widescreen or Standard screens, this will determine the dimension of your background image.

  • For Widescreen monitors, the best image shape is 16:9 (example: 1200px by 675px will work great).
  • For Standard Screen monitors, the best shape is 4:3 (example:1200px by 900px).

The default background image size is 1400px by 825px. Depending on your preference, you may need to re-size your background image using image editors such as Photoshop, Microsoft Paint or other free Image Editing Tools. You can check the size of your image file by looking at the “Properties” of your image file (right click on the image file, select “Properties“, then click the “Details” tab)



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