Why I can’t edit my DD Header content?

As Weebly progress, it changes its codes to introduce new features or elements. These change can have effect on our advanced features. If you are using the DD Header and have experience issue with editing the drag & drop content, there are two reason why. This post show you how to resolve this issue

1) Your theme was purchased before May 1, 2013

Please email us to receive the updated version of the theme that will allow dd header to function properly on your site.

2) Your theme was purchased after Dec 1, 2013 and you are using iPage, Fatcow, Netfirm, Host Monster, BlueHost, or any other third party hosting services that is using an old version of Weebly

In your list of page layout design, you should be able to find two version of the DD header page layouts: dd-header and dd-header-old. Simply click to use dd-header-old to use the version of dd header that is right for your old Weebly version.

Please note the new version of the DD Header have dynamic height. This mean the background image of the DD Header can auto adjust to the amount of content you have in the header are. For the old version of DD Header, this feature is not available. Please make sure the header image you are using is tall enough to encase all of your dd header content.