How to un-install and re-install a template / theme

If you would like to un-install a theme, and re-install – it’s very simple.

When you are in Weebly Editor, click on the “Design Tab” on the top horizontal menu bar, then click on “All Themes” on the vertical menu bar on the top left hand corner of your screen.  This will present all the themes that have been imported into your Weebly Editor.

Install Weebly theme

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Hover your mouse cursor over the theme that you would like to un-install or delete, and a red “x” will show up on the top right hand corner of the theme block.

Click on the red “X” to un-install / delete the theme.

Note:  Once you un-install / delete that specific theme, it will be deleted forever.  You cannot recover it.  

To re-install the theme, just follow the standard installation instructions by following the installation guide from your template download package.