I cannot install / upload the Template in Weebly Editor – Nothing Happens!

If you are already trying to upload the “multilayout.zip” file that you can find within the download package, then you are trying to upload the correct file (and NOT the entire download package).

Weebly recently updated their platform in a very significant way, so the import function in the NEW editor is still a bit buggy.

If you attempted to upload the template file into Weebly and:

1) Nothing happens
2) When the template does import but when you click on the template, nothing shows up

Try these approaches:

1) Refresh your browser and go to “Custom Themes” in Weebly Editor and see if you can find the newly uploaded template there

2) Instead of clicking “Select a Theme”, try dragging and dropping the “multilayout.zip” file directly into the import table.  That works a lot of the times.

3) Upload the template using another browser (so if you are using Chrome, try using Firefox or IE or Safari)

4) Clear your browser’s cache and try uploading again.  Click here to see how to clear cache.

With the old editor, the uploading process is very “bug-free”. Unfortunately with the new editor, sometimes the uploading process can be a bit frustrating. We’ve mentioned this to Weebly a few times already but the challenge is that this bug only surfaces once in a while so it’s difficult for them to troubleshoot if they can’t readily replicate the issue.

Personally there has been a time when we’ve had to try over 10 times to upload a template, and some customers also had similar experiences – very frustrating indeed!

Our only suggestion is to keep trying and doing what you’re doing (use different browser, clear cache).

If you still can’t get it to work, email us and we can try to upload it on your behalf.

Again, we’re really sorry about the inconvenience, and we really wished that Weebly can update the function but we understand the challenges on their end.