Templates relating to Business, E-Commerce, Online Shops, Photographers, Designers, Portfolio, Professionals, Consultants, Real Estate etc

If you are looking for templates that relate specifically to your needs, such as:

  • Business
  • E-Commerce / Online Shops
  • Photography
  • Designer Portfolios
  • Professionals / Consultants / Real Estate

We have a Design Wizard on our Main Template Page that will help you choose the best template design for you.

Our templates are quite flexible and are suitable for all types of websites (from businesses, to online shops, to hobbies / interests etc).  So it really depends on what sort of features you like to see in a template.

For example, if you want a more “creative” design, we have templates that have full fixed backgrounds or even fixed navigation bars, so you can insert your own images as the full background.

If you want a more traditional looking website design, we have those as well.

There is a template features sorting tool on our main template page so you can sort for features that you like in a template.

You can also visit our Template Features Comparison Chart to get an overview of template features across all of our templates.

Feel free to check out our Showcase page where we showcase some of our customers’ websites to see if you can get some inspiration.  Here’s the link to that page – http://divtagtemplates.com/weebly-showcase/


We also have a short video here to show you how to use our sorting tool:

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