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Jquery Update

When a plugin, splash page or widget all of sudden stop working. You can check to see if you need an update on the jquery script code. Click into your page layout html editing page where you have your plugin, splash page or widget install. Scroll to the bottom of the page till you find  Full Article…


Set Autoplay for Video Lightbox Widget – YOUTUBE ONLY

You can set the video to play once the lightbox is open. Add the following highlighted code into your Video Lightbox YOUTUBE code snippet: <a class=’youtube’ href=”″ title=”INSERT TITLE HERE”>


I have both Video Lightbox Widget and Carousel Widget on the same page and they are not working!

When both the Video Lightbox Widget and Carousel Widget are installed on the same page layout, one code is duplicated which made the widget temporary inactive. Here is the script code of the carousel widget: <script src=”/files/theme/jquery.dt-carousel.js”></script> <script src=”/files/theme/dt-carousel-1.js”></script> <script src=”/files/theme/dt-carousel-2.js”></script> <script src=”/files/theme/dt-carousel-3.js”></script> <script src=”/files/theme/dt-carousel-4.js”></script> <script src=”/files/theme/dt-carousel-5.js”></script> Here delete the highlighted code above, so the  Full Article…