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My header image is not centering

Weebly can override theme styling codes. When this happens, some aspect of the theme may change like how the header image is positioned. This tutorial will show you how to override Weebly’s change to center your header image again. 1) Click here to open your Weebly Editor 2) Click into “design” then into “edit html/css”  Full Article…


DD Tabs Overlap Update

This is an update for DD Tabs Page Layout. If you are experiencing the tabs overlaps each other when your tab title gets too long, this is a fix for that. 1) Log into your Weebly account 2) Click into “design” and into “edit html/css” to open the code editor 3) Click on “main_style.css” to  Full Article…


Why is my header image REPEAT?

Our widescreen template have a responsive header image. Unlike Weebly’s standard header image, the height is fixed no matter what size monitor/device you are using, our themes have a truly responsive header. It measures the width of the monitor and calculate to adjust the height accordingly. When you are in editing, the responsive header is  Full Article…


Why is my bold text look so light?

Some of our themes have a custom bold styling that make the bold text look a lot less apparent than Weebly’s theme. You can turn this styling off by taking out the CSS styling code.   1) Click into “design” and into “edit html/css” 2) Click open “main_style.css” 3) Locate and delete these code: strong  Full Article…


How to use New DD Header

When you first set your page to use the DD Header, you will not be able to immediately drag & drop content in the header area. To activate the dd header drag & drop content area, you must first upload an image. It doesn’t matter what image you upload in the dd header. This is  Full Article…