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Milo eCommerce Update – 2015 June 17

Weebly updated its checkout page codes on June 17 2015. This can cause the checkout page to not load due to the code change. This is an update on the INDEX page layout that is used by Weebly as the checkout page. step1: Download INDEX-MILO.HTML file here: index-milo. step2: Login to your Weebly account step3:  Full Article…


How to download all-in-one update theme

All-in-one themes have 3 years support and updates. Your theme download link will be activated for 3 years so you can re-download the theme up to 5 times. Simply look for your all-in-one theme email for the download link. If you lost your email or have already exceeded the number of download allowed, please email  Full Article…


Why is my Youtube Video Not playing in ScreenPlay or Footage?

If your video is not playing there are usually 2 main reasons: 1) Your video URL is in correct It is important to ONLY insert the video id and not the entire video embed code. The only part of the code that should change is the the one highlighted below: <a href=”” id=”P1″ class=”player” title=”Insert  Full Article…


Hide Hover Social Icon – Milo

1) Click into “design” and into “edit html/css” 2) Click on “main_style.css” to open the css editing page 3) Here locate this code: #share { float: left; position: fixed; z-index: 50; left: 40px; bottom: 40px; } 4) Here add to the code as shown below: #share { float: left; position: fixed; z-index: 50; left: 40px;  Full Article…