Why is my google map not positioning center in Storyboard? – 2014 Nov 29

Google map center the pin by finding the width of the web page. When the page slide from one to the other, the page will hide and show depending on the page you clicked on. Since the google map don’t reload to re-size the width of the page when ever it hide and show, the pin position can be off centred. This update will require google map to reload every time you change a page so the pin can be re-positioned to centre.

1)Download a new js file that controls the google map reload here: map.reload

2)Click here to open your Weebly Editor

3) Click into “design” then into “edit html/css”

4) Upload the new map.load.js file you downloaded in step 1


1. Click on the GEAR icon on “ASSET” then click on “Upload File” to upload open upload window

NEW Editor

NEW Editor


1.  Click on  “add new file(s)” to open upload window



5) How we need to add the file link to every page layout EXCEPT index

Scrollboard have 9 page tabs, so each page tab starting at 2 will have its own page layout. You will need to insert the js file link to EVERY page layout starting from 2-pages.html down to 9-pages.html

Now click on 2-pages.html. At the TOP of the page, insert this code:

<script src="/files/theme/map.reload.js"></script>

As shown in the bracketed spot shown below: