Sabbatical eCommerce Responsive Setting Update – 30 Aug 2014

If you are seeing your checkout page or store page not responding to responsive setting, you will need this update.

1) Download the files you need to update here – sabbatical-30-8-2014

2) Unzip the folder and you will find 2 files inside: responsive.css and no-header.html

3) Click here to open your Weebly Editor

4) Click into “design” and then into “edit html/css

5) Upload responsive.css


1. Click on the GEAR icon on “ASSET” then click on “Upload File” to upload open upload window

NEW Editor

NEW Editor


1.  Click on  “add new file(s)” to open upload window



6) Click on “no-header” page layout to open the html editing page

7) Open the no-header.html you downloaded in STEP 1. For PC users, please use NOTEPAD to open the file. For MAC users, use TXTEDIT or CONSOLE to open the no-header.html doc.

8) Select and Copy all the codes inside the folder

9) Now go back to Weebly and DELETE all the codes in “no-header” html editor. Here PASTE the newly copied code in STEP 7

10) Save your change and re-publish the site