Can I replace / remove / modify the “Design by DivTag Templates” copyright credit in the footer?

Our footer copyright label at the bottom of our templates, is not just an advertisement but rather, a legal statement that DivTag Templates Limited has legal copyright over the design of each of our product.  We are generally pretty lenient when customers asks us if they could modify it, as a portion of our customers are designers so we understandable their needs to do so.

Having said that, you may alter the footer logo credit as you wish, but do understand that DivTag Templates Limited still retains full legal ownership of the design and the fee you paid is just the right to use the design (as per our sales and licensing policy)


You will be able to find the footer code in the html pages for each Page Layout.
How to access W Theme Editor to access the Page Layout HTML codes, please refer to this tutorial


When you are in Weebly Editor, select “Design” tab, click on “Edit HTML / CSS” to the right hand side, then under each “Page Layout” (you can find this on the left hand vertical bar), select each HTML item, and search for the following:

<div class="copyright">Design by DivTag <a href="" target="_blank">Weebly Templates</a></div>

Simply change the content highlighted above to show your own copyright statement.


<div class="copyright">Copyright by ABC Company</div>