I installed a DivTag Weebly Plugin, but it does not show up after I Publish my website? (e.g. Infinite, Tumble, Fade, Shift, Block, Popup)

If you want specific pages to display a Plugin (sold separately), you need to designate the specific pages as a Plugin Page Layout.

When you are in Weebly Editor, go to the “Pages” tab and this is where you will see all your website pages that you have set up.  Towards the right hand side of the screen, you will see square blocks – these are the Page Layouts that you can designate for your specific pages.

Just click on any of the boxes to designate your highlighted page to a particular Page Layout.

weebly page layout

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The square box that says “index” is the one that sets your page as a Plugin Page Layout (if you purchased and installed a header plugin from us, then the webpage will show the plugin).

Select your web pages that you want to display the plugin, and click on the “index” block to designate the page as a plugin page.  Publish your website so the plugin page takes effect.

USEFUL TIP: Visit our blog post and tutorial video here to find out how to quickly and painlessly switch between Weebly page layouts to preview how the layout configuration will look before publishing.

Our installation guides will show you how to designate Page Layouts to webpages. In addition, you can watch the video below for a demonstration of Page Layouts.


Video not available

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