If you update your products (templates, plugins, splash pages)? Do I get updates too?

Whenever Weebly updates their platform and codes, we will update our products (templates, plugins, splash pages) as well to ensure that our products will continue to be compatible with Weebly.

If and whenever we perform updates to our products due to this reason, we are happy to provide these updates to the products you purchased as well, free of charge.

If we make substantial changes to the functionally and /or design of our products, our customers will have to purchase the product to receive the substantial update.

Typically in the industry, one would receive all updates if a customer was subscribed to some sort of membership where he/she would have to pay a monthly recurring fee for support and updates.

For DivTag Templates, we only charge our customers a one-time purchase price, and as such, we won’t be able to provide product design and major function updates for this reason.

Thanks for understanding.