OutPost Gala & Rotary Scrolling Navigation Bar Mobile Display Issue – 6 Mar 2015

If your OutPost was purchased before March 6 and you are experiencing the scrolling navigation not display even after all the Gala and Rotary background images have been uploaded. This tutorial will show you how to update the bug fix.

  • Click into “design” then into “edit html/css
  • Here we will need to update all 14 page layouts for Gala and Rotary as highlighted below:
  • Click on OnePager-Gala-2 and then work your way down to complete the bug fix for all 14 page layouts

Edit Code

Once you click into OnePager-Gala-2, scroll down the page to locate this code:

<!-- Scrolling Navigation -->
<nav class="scrollnav navbar navbar-default mobile-hide navbar-fixed-bottom" role="navigation">

Here DELETE the code highlighted above

Repeat For all 14 Gala and Rotary Page Layouts

Repeat the step above for all page layouts:


Save and Pulish

Once all the codes are editing in all pages, you can save your change and re-publish your site