I’ve installed the theme but I am getting a blank theme

Sometimes when Weebly upload custom theme, it can create a theme icon, but no actual theme codes have been uploaded. So when you click to use the theme, you will see a white blank page. When this happens, you will need to try uploading the theme 3-5 times to get Weebly’s import tool working again. Here are some steps you can take to help with uploading your theme

  • Log out of your Weebly account and log back in
  • Weebly allow you to upload theme by either selecting the multilayout.zip file in the “open button” OR you can drag & drop the multilayout.zip file in the upload window. Try to use the other both method to upload your theme
  • Chrome tend to have less issue with Weebly. So try using Chrome to upload your theme

It might take upto 5 times before the theme will be uploaded correctly. Once a theme is uploaded correctly, you will see the theme displaying when you select to use it.