I installed Scrollboard, Storyboard, Hide & Seek. I can’t access my pages anymore!

Let me explain a bit more about how a single page theme works. A traditional theme have multiple pages. When you click on the navigation, it will take you to different pages on your site. With a Single Page theme, all of your content is on ONE page. When the navigation is clicked, you will scroll to different section of the page. Basically, you don’t leave your home page to go to another page when the navigation is click.

When a Single Page theme is installed, what you see is a custom navigation bar. It does not take on the navigation bar you previously had because there are no more pages. What you will see is your homepage content. All your other pages is not lost, but hidden. You don’t have to re-build your site, you simply need to move all of your content from the other pages to your homepage. First switch back to a free weebly template to access your pages. Use the “move” function to move your content to you homepage. Once that is done, change back to your Single Page theme.

You will see there are different sections on your homepage. Each section have its own background. The section represent the part the scrolling navigation will link to when the navigation tab is clicked. Each section will have its own drag & drop content area. When you select an element to be dragged, you will see the boxes light up to show you where the drag & drop content are located. You can refer to the “read me” pdf to learn how to change your background.

You will need to re-insert the navigation tab title. Simply click on the tab to insert the title. You will find all of this information in the PDF installation guide that comes within the download package.

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