I am a mac user and the download of the files don’t look right


If you are a MAC user, you can download the FUNK theme is below (file name = funk.zip).

MAC computers tend to automatically unzip all zipped / compressed files.  To be able to upload template files into Weebly, the template zip file MUST remain unzipped.

To stop MAC from automatically unzipping / uncompressing template files, follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1) In your Safari browser, go to Preferences

In your Safari browser, go to “Preferences”

Step 2)

i) Go to the General Tab – you can find the General tab on the top left corner in the Preferences menu

ii) UNCHECK the box next to the “Open ‘safe’ files after downloading”.  Make sure that the check box is Unchecked.


Go to the General tab. UNCHECK the box next to “Open ‘safe’ files after downloading”

Step 3)
Now you can download the template file (below) to your computer.