How to change the transparent content background for Splash Page

For Gala Dark and Elemental Dark splash page, you can customize the content background color. The background color for splash page is an image. Simply change out the default background image you can change the color and opacity.

Step 1) Create your new background image

You can create an image using image editor such as Photoshop Express Editor (Free). You will need to set the image to different opacity to have your background be transparent. The default opacity is 70%. You can play around with the opacity to find your perfect match.

To create transparent images, you MUST use PNG format.


Step 2) Save your image

Save your new image as “S-cont-bg”. Please note the codes are case sensitive so make sure the “S” is capitalized while the rest of the file name is in lower case.

Save your image in PNG format.


Step 3) Click into Code Editor

To find out which image format you are using, simply go into Weebly Editor

Click here to log into your Weebly account and to open up the W Theme Editor.


Click to Enlarge


Click to Enlarge

Click to enlarge image for more detail


Step 4) Upload New S-cont-bg.png image file

  • On the LEFT hand column find “Add file(s)”
  • Click to open the upload file window
  • Click on S-cont-bg.png
  • Wait till the upload bar is complete
  • Save your change and exit the Code Editor


Step 5) Republish your site

Re-publish your site for the new change to take effect. Try to clear cache if the new background image not showing up

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