How to change page title from H2 tag to H1 tag

All of Weebly’s title in the content are h2. If you want to set your page’s h1 tag, you can do so in the “page” manager. If you are using a theme that have the page title feature, you can change it from a h2 to h1 tag in the theme coding. This tutorial will show you how.

1) Open Code Editor

Click into “design” and into “edit html/css” to launch to Code Editor


2) Open Page Layout HTML

Depending on the theme you are using, the page title will appear in different page layouts.

For example, Pendulum theme has page title on its DD Header Page Layout, Text Header Page Layout, Sidebar Page Layout, Tall Header Page Layout and Short Header Page Layout.

If you want to change the page title h2 tag to h1, you will need to edit all the page layout with the page title in the design.

  • First select the page layout to edit. On the left hand column, you will see all of the page layouts listed directly below “Page Layouts“. Click on the name of the page layout you want to edit


3) Locate Page Title Code

Here locate this code:  <h2>{headline:text global=”false”}</h2>

Change the “h2” to “h1” like so:

<h1>{headline:text global=”false”}</h1>


4) Repeat Step 2 and Step 3

For all the other page layouts, repeat the steps above until you have completed editing all the page layout with a page title


5) Save & publish

Once you have completed all the changes, you need to save and re-publish the site for the change to take effect.



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