How to change DD Tab Background for OLD WEEBLY builder

For third party hosting Weebly builders, you can encounter an issue with uploading background image to DD Tab. If this is happening, the only way to upload a backgorund for your DD Tab is via the theme code. This will allow you to upload 1 background image for all the DD Tab page layouts for your entire site.

Step 1: Prepare your Image

Quiver is a responsive theme, so the background will adjust to fit any monitor and/or devices.

1) Image Size/Resolution

HD IMAGES – for larger monitor or retina monitor, the image size you should be using is 1920px by 1080px. Make sure your image size DO NOT exceed 600KB
MINIMUM IMAGES – for normal desktop/laptop resolution, the image size you should using is 1366px by 768px. This is the minium image size you should be using to get the best image resolution in most computers. Make sure your image size DO NOT exceed 400KB.

2) Image File Format

The theme ONLY accept JPEG image format. So make sure that the ending to your image file say “.jpg

3) Image File Name

Name your image file to “light-header“. Make sure they are in small-caps. If the file name is not EXACTLY the same, the image will not load properly.

4) Compress You Image

Once you have the resolution that best fit your need, you MUST always compress your image file size. Here are some tools that we use daily:


Step 2: Upload Image

1) Click here to open your Weebly Editor
2) Click on “design” then into “edit html/css
3) Click on “Add new file(s)” to upload your new “light-header.jpg” background image
4) Save your change and re-publish the website