How to change a Stationary Sidebar with consistent content to Unique Sidebar

All of our standard theme’s sidebar have consistent content so all the content remains the same when you switch from page to page. This tutorial show you how to change from a Standard Sidebar to a Unique sidebar. Please note after this change been change, you will no longer have the ability to show the same sidebar content in any page.

1) Log into your Weebly

Login to your Weebly account if you haven’t done so.

2) Open Theme Code Editor

Click into “design” and into “edit html/css” to open the code editor

3) Open Sidebar HTML page

On the left hand column, locate your sidebar page layout underneath “Page Layout” section. Some theme may have LEFT and RIGHT sidebar. The name of the sidebar page layout is pretty self explanatory, so just click on the page layout that have the name of sidebar you want to edit

4) Edit Code

Here locate this code:


In this code add global=“false” like this:

{side:content global=“false”}

5) Save your change & republish your site

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