How to center Cumulus Logo

Cumulus allow you to insert image up to 500px as your logo. When you hover your cursor over the logo, it will allow you to “edit”. When you click on it, you can move your logo within the allowable area. If you want move the logo in the center of the page, you will need to enlarge the restricted 500px width limit.

1) Click on “design” and into “edit html/css”

2) Cumulus comes with many page layouts. So you will need to make this adjustment in ALL of the page layout you are using. In this example, we will use index.html page layout. On the left hand column, look for index and click to open the html page

3) Here locate this code:

<div id=”logo”>{logo max-width=”500″}</div>

4) Delete  max-width=”500″ to take out the width restriction

5) Repeat step 3&4 with all your other page layouts – Tall, Short, No Header, and etc

6) Save your change and exit the code editor

7) Hover over your logo and click on “edit”. Now you will be able to MOVE the logo to the center of the page. Once you have the logo in the position that you like, save your change

8) Re-publish your site for the change to take effect