For Fade Plugin, can I make the image transition speed change faster?

Yes, here’s how you can change the timing of the image transition for our Fade Header Plugin:

1) In Weebly Editor, click into the “Design” tab, then click on the “Edit HTML / CSS” tab

2) Open the HTML page by clicking “index.html” on the left vertical column

3) Locate this code:

fx: ‘fade’,
speed: ‘slow’,
timeout: 5000,
pager: ‘#slider_nav’,
pagerAnchorBuilder: function(idx, slide) {
// return sel string for existing anchor
return ‘#slider_nav li:eq(‘ + (idx) + ‘) a’;

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The default time is currently set at 5 seconds (5000 milli-seconds). You can change the transition time in red font above to reflect the transition time that you want.  The lower the number (for example, 3000 which is 3 seconds), the faster the image transition speed.