Customization Limitations

All the features of our templates / products that are customizable are included in the installation guides, which reflect the areas that we specify under the “Customizable” tab or descriptions on each of our product pages.

Generally, all of our pre-made templates / products are sold “as is”.  While we try to show customers how to make as much custom changes as practical, it is practically impossible to show step by step how to make all the changes available in the world of codes.

The specific changes that you are looking for is not straight forward, and changing the codes may have knock-on effect / impact other parts of the template.  This is why making modifications beyond our installation guides are complex and can easily result in desirable outcome.

You are free to customize it as you wish as you have full access to edit the HTML / CSS in Weebly Editor, but regretfully, we won’t be able to assist you for the specific custom changes that you want. Please see our Customization Policy for further details.

If you are proficient with codes, or if you are working with a developer / coder, you can most definitely make those modifications (You have access to modify all the codes).

If you are interested in learning more about codes, here are a couple of excellent resources:

Another option is that you can always hire a developer or programmer to assist you with the changes that you like.  There are many capable freelance developers on Elance and Odesk who can help you more complex customization.

Thanks for understanding.