How To Change Sidebar Background Color

You can customize the background color of the Sidebar.  Here we will show you how.

Click here to open your Weebly Editor and to open up the W Theme Editor.

Once you are in your Weebly account, open the W Theme editor by clicking on “Design” and into “Edit html/css”. Please see the screenshot below for detail reference.

Step1: Open main_style.css

a) We will first open the main_style.css page located in the top left hand column of the W Theme Editor

b) Once open locate the code below

.sidebar {
vertical-align: top;
background: #E4E4E4;
border: 1px solid #D0D0D0;

c) The background color is indicated by background: #E4E4E4;

Depending on your theme the default Feature Area Background color may be different. The important part is to     locate the background color code.

d) You can change the color code  (#E4E4E4;)  to anything you like. Click Here to find your color code.


Step2: Save & Publish

Once you have the color you want, save & publish your site.