How to Change / Edit / Add / Customize “Enter Site” button for Splash Pages

The “Enter Site” buttons for our Splash Pages are simply Weebly Picture Elements.

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Each one of our Splash Pages have a designated drag and drop area where you can insert any Weebly Elements.  To see the designated drag and drop area, visit each of our Splash Page product pages, and under the “Splash Page Details” section, go to the “Customizable Area slide” and you will see where we allow you to insert Weebly elements.

So if you want to replace our default “Enter Site” button with your own design, or just want to use text, you can do so by uploading your own button image using the Weebly Picture Element, or insert text using Weebly’s text element.

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Then, hyperlink the picture or the text to any webpage address you wish, Publish and the picture or text will become your new button for your visitors to enter into your website.



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