How To Change Background Color of Features Area (Cross, Pendulum, Habitu, Paperclip Templates)

You can customize the background color of the Features Area.  Here we will show you how.

step1: Login to your Weebly account

step2: Click into “design” then into “edit html/css”

step3: On the left hand column, locate and click on “main_style.css” to open the CSS editing page.

Step4: Find & Edit Background Color Code

a) In the main_style.css page, locate the code below

b) The background color is indicated by background: #d2d1d0;

Depending on your theme the default Feature Area Background color may be different. The important part is to     locate the background color code.

c) You can change the color code  (#d2d1d0;)  to anything you like. Click Here to find your color code.


Step5: Save & Publish

Once you have the color you want, save & publish your site.


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