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Widget Installation

I have both Video Lightbox Widget and Carousel Widget on the same page and they are not working!

When both the Video Lightbox Widget and Carousel Widget are installed on the same page layout, one code is duplicated which made the widget temporary inactive. Here is the script code of the carousel widget: <script src=”/files/theme/jquery.dt-carousel.js”></script> <script src=”/files/theme/dt-carousel-1.js”></script> <script src=”/files/theme/dt-carousel-2.js”></script> <script src=”/files/theme/dt-carousel-3.js”></script> <script src=”/files/theme/dt-carousel-4.js”></script> <script src=”/files/theme/dt-carousel-5.js”></script> Here delete the highlighted code above, so the  Full Article…


Carousel widget bottom cut off

In the highlighted area, add this:  height: 300px; Here you can insert any number in place of 300. Depending on the height you want, you can customize the height value of the item as you like. The final item code will look like this:


Where can I find the main-style.css page?

I am having trouble finding the main-style.css document in Weebly Editor. I want to edit the menu text color and font style and I need to do this in the main-style.css. Here is how you can access the main_style.css editing page.   Step1: Open Code Editor Step 2: Open Main_style.css When you are in the  Full Article…