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How to turn off Responsive Setting in Basic Themes

Some DivTag responsive themes’ responsive setting can be turned off. Once turned off, the theme will display the SAME design in desktop or mobile mode. *Please note single page scrolling themes CANNOT turn off the responsive design! Before we start, log into your Weebly and go into the theme code editor by following these instructions:  Full Article…


How to change vector social icon image

Some themes uses vector social icon where the icon image is generated by a code. You can easily change the type of icon it display by changing the vector code. Step1: Open the theme editor Log into Weebly Click into “design” then into “edit html/css” On the left hand column click on “main_style.css“ OLD EDITOR:  Full Article…


How to customize landing page header text background color

You can customize that if you like. In the main_style.css look for this code: #landing-text { width: 390px; position: absolute; margin-top: 200px; margin-left: 550px; background-color: ; padding: 15px; } The background color is in rgb. So you can change the color code highlighted above to change the background color.


How to add a “back to top” link?

1) Drag & drop the “embed code” OR “custom html” tool into any drag & drop area 2) Insert this code to create a back to top link any where on your site: <a href=”#”><p>BACK TO TOP</p></a>  


Submit button for MailChimp don’t show up

The Weebly platform is adding a clearing code to the submit for which hides the submit button. Here is how you can override the extra coding. First click into “design” and into “edit html/css” to open up the code editor. On the top left hand column click open the main_style.css. Scroll down to the bottom  Full Article…