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Why is my bold fonts don’t show up?

The theme can override specific design style like font weight. This tutorial show you how to remove the theme override so you can change the font weight in “design” setting. 1) Click here to open your Weebly Editor 2) Click into “design” then into “edit html/css” 3) Click into “main_style.css” 4) Here locate this code:  Full Article…


Why my menu tab title repeats in mobile view?

The top and bottom navigation have independent title. So if you previously have used one of the navigation bar and have switch to a different one, you will see the title repeat in mobile view. If this is happening to you, simply go back to your previous navigation bar position and DELETE the title inside  Full Article…


I can’t change the font styling in carousel widget?

Weebly sometime can override widget styling. Here is how you can prevent that: 1) Follow the tutorial to edit the carousel css code to change the font styling. 2) Here is how the code look like: /*————————————— DIVTAG CAROUSEL WIDGET —————————————*/ /* Edit Link Color */ .dtc-info a:link h3{ color: ; } /* Edit Link  Full Article…


My header image is not centering

Weebly can override theme styling codes. When this happens, some aspect of the theme may change like how the header image is positioned. This tutorial will show you how to override Weebly’s change to center your header image again. 1) Click here to open your Weebly Editor 2) Click into “design” then into “edit html/css”  Full Article…


Header Plugin is covering my Cross Navigation

Sometimes Weebly can override codes that cause this issue. Here is how you can quickly fix this. Log into your Click into “design” than into “edit html/css” Click into “main_style.css” Here locate this code: .wrapper-top { position: absolute; top: 0; margin: 0 60px; } FIRST change the “” to “” SEECOND add this highlighted  Full Article…