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Why is my content not displaying in DD Tab?

DD Tabs allow you to drag & drop any content in the tab content area. The page layout was designed to work with any Weebly drag & drop website builder tools. However, if you are using the “CODE EMBED” too to insert code snippet or widgets that is NOT native to Weebly, the code snippet/widget  Full Article…


Blog comment button font color is wrong

Weebly treat all blog buttons as “links”. When you change the link color in “design” it also changes the text color of the blog buttons. We do have styling code to prevent Weebly from overriding the codes, but some times Weebly still have the ability to override the button color. Here is how you can  Full Article…


Why is my Youtube Video Not playing in ScreenPlay or Footage?

If your video is not playing there are usually 2 main reasons: 1) Your video URL is in correct It is important to ONLY insert the video id and not the entire video embed code. The only part of the code that should change is the the one highlighted below: <a href=”” id=”P1″ class=”player” title=”Insert  Full Article…