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Template Customization

How to remove navigation bar background

You can remove the navigation bar background to make it completely transparent. There are 2 types of navigation background: SOLID or SEMI-TRANSPARENT. First see which type of navigation background does your theme have! Themes with SEMI-TRANSPARENT background (Examples: Photobox, Framework & Muse) For themes with already semi-transparent navigation background, changing it to completely transparent is  Full Article…


How to change sub menu font color and background color

This tutorial will show you how to customize the drop down sub-menu background color and font color. 1) Click here to open your Weebly editor 2) Click on “design” then into “edit html/css” 3) Click into “main_style.css” and locate this code: { position: relative; display: block; background: #fff; border: none; text-decoration: none; font-size: 13px; font-weight:  Full Article…