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Questions and troubleshooting relating to Plugins

I installed a DivTag Weebly Plugin, but it does not show up after I Publish my website? (e.g. Infinite, Tumble, Fade, Shift, Block, Popup)

If you want specific pages to display a Plugin (sold separately), you need to designate the specific pages as a Plugin Page Layout. When you are in Weebly Editor, go to the “Pages” tab and this is where you will see all your website pages that you have set up.  Towards the right hand side  Full Article…


I installed a DivTag Weebly Plugin, but I cannot see it in Preview Mode in Weebly Editor? (e.g. Infinite, Popup, Tumble, Fade, Shift, Block)

After you have successfully installed the plugin (sold separately), you need to Publish your Weebly website before the plugin becomes activated.  The plugin will not appear functional while you are in Editing mode – so you need to Publish. Also, only pages that you have designated as a Plugin Page Layout will display the plugin after  Full Article…