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Plugin Installation

Where can I find the main-style.css page?

I am having trouble finding the main-style.css document in Weebly Editor. I want to edit the menu text color and font style and I need to do this in the main-style.css. Here is how you can access the main_style.css editing page.   Step1: Open Code Editor Step 2: Open Main_style.css When you are in the  Full Article…


I have successfully uploaded my custom images, but they do not fit properly!

Every template has its own set of measurements. For example, a logo file that fits for Fiction theme, will not fit the Framework theme. It is important to make sure your image files are the right size for that particular template and or plugin. You can find the sizes of the images in our “Read  Full Article…


I tried to edit the background image, logo image, and header image on my template and plugin, but it is not working!

There are 2 common mistakes when uploading customized images: 1) The names of the image files are incorrect. It is very important that the image files are named correctly as per our Installation Guide. The names of the image files are case sensitive, so make sure the images are named with “small caps” only.  See  Full Article…


My new uploaded images (background or plugin) and changes are not showing up for my template, plugin or splash page

Have you tried clearing up your browser’s cache?  Sometimes browsers retain old temporary internet files / cache so when a person visits the website again, the site will load a lot faster. Try clearing your browser’s cache and reload the website again and see if it helps.  Here’s some information on how to clear your  Full Article…