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Questions relating to purchasing and payments, sales and customization policies

Can I change the content width of my theme?

Each theme’s content width is optimized to allow it to display properly in most monitor. So the width of the content area cannot be enlarge. Enlarging the content area can cause the site to display abnormally in smaller monitor and mobile device.As such, the content width is fixed and cannot be changed. All aspect of  Full Article…


Templates relating to Business, E-Commerce, Online Shops, Photographers, Designers, Portfolio, Professionals, Consultants, Real Estate etc

If you are looking for templates that relate specifically to your needs, such as: Business E-Commerce / Online Shops Photography Designer Portfolios Professionals / Consultants / Real Estate We have a Design Wizard on our Main Template Page that will help you choose the best template design for you. Our templates are quite flexible and  Full Article…


Is shopping online SAFE?

Yes, we use PayPal to transact so your private information is secure.  PayPal accepts payment using either your own PayPal account or All Major Credit Cards. Watch this demonstration video to see what exactly happens when you purchase.