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Set Autoplay for Video Lightbox Widget – YOUTUBE ONLY

You can set the video to play once the lightbox is open. Add the following highlighted code into your Video Lightbox YOUTUBE code snippet: <a class=’youtube’ href=”″ title=”INSERT TITLE HERE”>


How to add or delete pages and subpages

Create More Pages for Your Site Creating a new page is a matter of going to the Pages tab and clicking the Add Page button.    There is an option to Add a Standard Page or Add a Blog.  For now let’s focus on creating Standard Pages.  Selecting the Standard Page option adds a new  Full Article…


How to create columns

Place Elements Side-by-Side with the Columns Element When you start adding elements to a page, you’ll likely notice that they stack one on top of each other automatically. At first glance this may make it appear there’s no way to place elements side-by-side.   But the good news is that our Columns Element can be  Full Article…


How to Edit Header Image

Edit the Header All of our themes include a header image at the top of each page As it’s doubtful you’ll want to use this default image on any of your pages, we’ve made this header very simple to edit and change.  To get started, scroll over the header image and click the Edit Image  Full Article…


How to change Font Styling for title and paragraphs

Edit Fonts Each Weebly theme has default fonts for the Site Title, Paragraph Titles, Paragraph Text and Links. You can change these fonts using the Change Fonts area found under the Design tab.   Each section (Site Title, Paragraph Title, Paragraph Text and Links) has its own font options.  Let’s take a look at each.   Full Article…


How to activate and use DD Header Page Layout

This demo show you how to activate and use your dd header page layout: Browser clear cache hot-key Chrome: ctrl+F5 FireFox: F5 Safari: COMMAND + OPTION + E Internet Explore: Ctrl+R Opera: Ctrl + R + F5 You can also watch a fullscreen version in Youtube: View Demo Video in Youtube