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How to upload files in theme

1) Click into “design” then into “edit html/css” 2) On the left hand column, locate ASSETS 3) Click on the PLUS icon next to ASSETS and select UPLOAD FILE 4) Choose the file you want to upload 5) Save and exit the theme code editor. Re-publish your site for the change to take effects


How to display PDF, excel and other doc in Weebly

You can also add a PDF, Word file, or other document directly to a page using our Embedded Document element (which is provided by a company called Scribd). We do not recommend the use of this element; linking to the documents as described in the guide above is a much better way to provide access  Full Article…


How can I copy a site?

You can be easily copied a site in Weebly. 1)Find and click the More button to the right of the site you want to copy   2)Then select the Copy Site option   3)Give your copy a name.  This can always be changed later   4)All done! You now have a copy that’s ready to  Full Article…


How to create table in Weebly?

Weebly currently do not have any table widget. However, you can easily create tables using table generator and the “embed code” tool in Weebly. 1) Create your table using table generators Here are some table generator that can help you create simple tables: Table HTML Generator HTML Table Generator 2) Copy the table code generated  Full Article…


How to change navigation bar background image to transparent?

If you are using a template that doesn’t come with a transparent navigation bar background, you can customize it to create a transparent background. For solid background templates, you control the navigation background color by uploading a new image called “navbg.jpg”. If you don’t know how to change your navigation bar background, please review this  Full Article…