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Customization Tips

Where can I find the main-style.css page?

I am having trouble finding the main-style.css document in Weebly Editor. I want to edit the menu text color and font style and I need to do this in the main-style.css. Here is how you can access the main_style.css editing page.   Step1: Open Code Editor Step 2: Open Main_style.css When you are in the  Full Article…


I want to change the content area’s background color. How do I do this?

It is relatively simple to change the content background color. The concept is the same as changing your template background. Depending on which DivTag template you are using, the background color image file could be either: contentbg.png contentbg.jpg The difference between the two image files listed above is the file format.  One is a png (PNG  Full Article…


What are the recommended image sizes / dimensions for logo, header images and background image?

Within the template download package you will find a PDF “Read Me” installation guide.  Within the PDF document and you will find the recommended image sizes / dimensions for logos, header images and background images. The size / dimension of the images for header sections will vary depending on the Page Layouts for each template.    Full Article…