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Customization Tips

How to Change / Edit / Add / Customize “Enter Site” button for Splash Pages

The “Enter Site” buttons for our Splash Pages are simply Weebly Picture Elements. Each one of our Splash Pages have a designated drag and drop area where you can insert any Weebly Elements.  To see the designated drag and drop area, visit each of our Splash Page product pages, and under the “Splash Page Details” section,  Full Article…


For Fade Plugin, can I make the image transition speed change faster?

Yes, here’s how you can change the timing of the image transition for our Fade Header Plugin: 1) In Weebly Editor, click into the “Design” tab, then click on the “Edit HTML / CSS” tab 2) Open the HTML page by clicking “index.html” on the left vertical column 3) Locate this code: jQuery(‘#slideshow’).cycle({ fx: ‘fade’, speed:  Full Article…


My background image is tiling and repeating itself! How do I stop it?

Some DivTag Weebly Templates are designed with a repeating/tiling backgrounds that automatically repeat the images to cover the entire background of the screen – this a pre-set design of the templates (it is the way we designed the template), and the template is not designed to have one full image fixed to cover the entire  Full Article…